What is Replication?

When we think about pods high availability, load balancing, and scaling replication come into the picture. Kubernetes having the provision to define replicas of your pod along with its monitoring in the k8s cluster.

If we define 3 desired pods at the start of the application it's the responsibility of Kubernetes that monitors desired pods and actual running pods. In case if any pod gets crashed / back of with error, Kubernetes takes care of creating a new one and managing its traffic as well.

Replica Set vs Replica Controller

A replica set is a new version…

It's one of the interesting parts of Kubernetes we can say its allocation of resources.

A taint allows a node to refuse pod to be scheduled unless that pod has matching toleration. Taint and tolerance mean communication between node and pod so suppose we have 3 nodes and 4 pods when we try to place the pod in a node on availability it will go in node and get reside but what if we want to apply some rules to the node to allow only selected pod that case called as taint. …

Sachin Patil

Software Development | Microsoft Azure Certified | Kubernetes Certified | Google Cloud Architect Certified| Microservice |Agile Enthusiast

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